Gym 1 is Very Fun

The first gym is very fun. Appearantly the first gym is supposed to be really difficult and take multiple pokemon and leveling to beat. In a normal pokemon game you usually can beat the first couple gyms with only 1-2 pokemon, but I guess in this game you just need to make full out teams in order to beat the first gym. Wish I could see the rest of the game but im stuck having to train a full on 6 man team in order to beat the first gym. have onix with stealth rock and everything but still cannot beat this gym appearantly. Oh well

I’d say gyrados and mantine are your best bet at 2 manning this gym they both are neutral to vulpix energy ball and ivysaur solarbeam and both are quite bulky
I think dragon rage is available quite early too if you are wondering how you can ko the ivysaur also mantine learns wing attack

in fact; im preparing for gym 2 in vipik and gyarados and mantine will likely end up in that lineup too being weak only to laughable shuckle rock tomb