Great game but

I was wondering where are the other mega stones? Hoenn starter mega stones I mean. I also want to know when will you guys release the new patch? It took me just a few hours to finish the game and I was hoping to get legendary pokemon, compete with other gym leaders, elite four, etc. I hope you guys see this topic and inform us soon! THANKS!:slight_smile:

all of the remaining mega stones will be in the newest update. We still don’t have any information on when the new update will be, but the newest update will have everything including all the pokemon, and content.

Man, it’s almost like the game isn’t finished yet. Weird huh, maybe there should be a giant screen when you start up the game that informs you that the game isn’t finished yet, and that things will be added later on.

Also don’t use bold on your entire post. I removed it now, next time will lead to a temporary suspension from the forums.

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Thank you so much! I hope they will have the patch real soon. I can get other mega pokemon in Egg Locke if I generate the egg like Blazikenite, Charizard X, etc. that was the only way.

Yes! That’s right! I was also hoping they would do that so we wouldn’t have false hopes! :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m sorry. I’m new to this forum. :confused:

  1. Deukhoofd was being sarcastic and
  2. As soon as you start Insurgence, the very FIRST screen to show up is a WARNING about the game being in early development…

Well so was I but I just want to know when will the next patch be, what month or year they will be releasing the new patch. I just like the game and the story.

The next patch will be released when its released.

But the good news is that I feel like that’ll be sometime this summer. I remember Suze tweeting that he’s pretty much done with the main storyline and there’s just the extra end of game content he has to finish so its almost here

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That’s the answer I was looking for. Thanks! No false hopes then. :slight_smile:

@carlsagal Actually no one really knows when the next patch will be released. Some of us THINK it may come out this summer but that may or may not happen. If you’d rather play a more complete game than waiting then I suggest you browse the interwebs for other pokemon games that may suit your tastes, and take a peek in here once or twice a month to see how things are progressing. Development has been rather slow these past months but that’s just because the developers want to deliver a quality product and are doing this in their free-time.

I as well notice that the production was slow. Thanks for the info. I’ve played their game Pokemon Z/O it was fun too. :slight_smile: I’ll be checking this forums maybe one day they will be announcing when will the patch be release.

I would think that the next patch would be coming out some time between August and October. Just an estimate though.

First estimate:
Second estimate: