i just wanted to say how much i liked all the innovative book names one hundred years of geodude its hilarious made me laugh so much and know that the creator is probably a good reader as well and since this post is under suggestion why don’t you use your new delta types with a new episode of this game or something that the scientists made legendary delta Pokemons that got out of control it would be fun to play this kind of story

Suggestions for content aren’t gonna be added. Future updates will only be bug fixes.

As for the actual suggestion itself, Holon is basically just that. Scientists find legendary delta Pokemon and it ends up causing trouble when one Professor goes corrupt with power.

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btw since you are the expert around here is there some topic for friend safari?

I don’t recommend replying in this thread though, as it’s outdated.

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thanks a lot got the pidgey that i wanted xD

Tfw typhlosion has to run two fire moves because he will never get earth power/sludge wave, despite being a volcano

tfw swampert is based on the animal that can regrow limbs, and doesn’t get recover