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Good Pokémon for e4

Trading Name: ShadowChaser27

Offer: Delta Scizor lvl 55, Delta Bergmite, Delta solosis, Delta Muk, Delta Snorlax

Request: Delta Treeko, Froakie, or Riolu.

Further info: I just need a reliable Pokémon for the elite 4. I’ve only got a few. If any of you have extra delta Treeko, Froakie, or Riolu, that’d be nice.

would you happen to have an adamant d. snorlax? Either that or I’d go for IV stones if you have any.

For my offer, I can do all three, lmk which one(s) you want!

I can check the nature of my snorlax. It’s under leveled though.

Ironically, it’s calm. I’m gonna try pokepon to change its nature, though it might not work.

oh no haha, IV stones will do then. All the mons will have good IV’s so it’ll be worth it. Also the froakie and riolu (if they’re they normal versions) will be good natured too

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