Good E4 Team

Hey, everyone! I was trying to beat the Elite Four, and well, I got destroyed. Does anyone have a good Elite Four team including movesets they can tell me?

By the way, I DO have healing items.

Im not sure if i just had luck or this team is actually pretty good against the E4:

Azumarill @ Choice Band - Ability: Huge Power Aqua Tail / Play Rough / Superpower / Double Edge

Metagross @ Expert Belt: Bullet Punch / Meteor Mash / Zen-Headbutt / Hammerarm

Ampharos @ Ampharosite Thunderbolt / Dragon Pulse / Focus Blast / Signal Beam

Togekiss @ Rocky Helmet - Ability: Serene Grace Air Slash / Aura Sphere / Thunderwave / Dazzling Gleam

Infernape @ Charcoal Fire Punch / Mach Punch / Close Combat / Flare Blitz

Roserade @ Miracle Seed Petal Dance / Giga Drain / Toxic Spikes (very very usefull IMO) / Sludge Bomb

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I beat the Elite Four pretty easily with this team, i used Sand and Dark Moon strategys along with items Its recommended you get items like a choice scarf, A mega ofc, Some pvp stuff like life orbs(bands, etc), maybe some Weather Makers for Yuki, Eduard and the Champion.

Charizard(Delta), Mega w/ Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower and Lunar Canon

Roserade(Delta), holding Leftovers w/ Moonblast, Moonlight, Thunderbolt and Lunar Canon

Tyranitar(Armored), Ice Beam(for dragons), Rock Slide, Crunch, Earthquake

Excadrill(Sand Force) holding a choice scarf, Earthquake, Iron Head, Rock slide and Swords Dance(never used)

Typhlosion(Delta) Thunderbolt, Flash Canon, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave

Scizor(Delta) with a choice Scarf as well, Close Combat, Icicle Crash, Night Slash and Psycho Cut

This isn’t the best team at all, but just an example.

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Thanks, everyone! Now I might stand a chance against the Elite Four!

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if those didn’t work try

Delta roserade with a dark rock- lunar cannon, moonlight, moonblast, and night slash Shiftry (shiftrite [non-delta] or cell battery [ delta])- leaf blade, swagger, dark matter, and fake out Chesnaught ( miracle seed)- spiky shield, hammer arm, bullet seed, and swords dance Delta reuniculus( hard stone)- rock tomb, phantom force, grudge ( takes away powerful moves), and rock slide Mew( psychic plate)- metronome, transform, aura sphere, and psychic Flygon ( armored or mega)- bug buzz, quiver dance, drakon voice, and ancient power

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They are of which level because I have same problem but that is because I have maxed out my Delta Charizard

How did you get ice beam?

In exchange of 55 snowballs in Deyraan Town (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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but you cant get ice beam tm before elite 4???

I’m 1 year late,But Snowball Collector Exists and can give you Ice Beam TM

oh wait you can’t get 55 snowballs until postgame, maybe blizzard can be a good choice

Does this team not work or am I using it wrong?

How are you using them?