Giving away shiny nidoran m

Trading Name: mpoleon

Offer: shiny nidoran m

Request: nothing

Further info: giving it away becuase i’m saving over the file

Ill take it, but are you sure you dont want anything for it?

I’m still working completing a game in the first place so I don’t really need anything

well ok then, im on now so anytime you want

alright, ingame name is crobatty?

yes it is

alright, setting it up now

k im online now

still loading, my computers being super slow

just let me know when you are

can you try proposing a trade to mpoleo becuase its not working for me

i am


there you go

thanks! did you just start the game and get it in the first route?

If so, That is extremally lucky

yep lmao

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Oh wow that is phenomenal luck!

yeah it was pretty crazy

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well thanks for giving away the shiny, and i hope the tyrunt helps you out alot