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Giving away an IV stone and a Reshiram

Trading Name: giannisk

Offer: IV stone and Reshiram

Request: Larvitar with Dragon Dance, HA Spiritomb or Corphish with D Dance , Aqua Jet,Knock Off and Superpower

Further info: I dont need my Reshiram , so if someone has the pokemon from above, I will hapilly give it together with an IV Stone

I can get u a HA Spiritomb if u still need it

And also the DD Larvitar soon

Thank you, when can you trade?

I’ll be available around 10:30 EST. What time works for u?

Are you available in an hour? @BackInBlack


It might take a little longer for the DD larvitar tho


@BackInBlack do you mind trading when you get the larvitar, cause I am busy so I can’t trade


It will prob be around 10 est at the earliest, since my schedules pretty packed today

Ok, so message me when your done @BackInBlack

I am ready to trade so tell me when you are done

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