Trading Name: Cheese555 Offer: Girafarigite Like so many others, I have decided to do my own auction! I am selling a Girafarigite! The starting bid should be at least 2 stones, and the auction will end either 1 week from now or 24 hours from the latest bid. Go get a Girafarigite now, instead of playing Poképon forever!

I bid -2 stones!

Please do not post if you aren’t saying anything constructive. Read the starting bid: [quote=“Cheese555, post:1, topic:7938”] at least 2 stones [/quote] This is equivalent to S ≥ 2, where S is the starting bid. I hope that this post makes the requirements more clear.

Oh yes, sorry

ill throw 3 down :slight_smile:

Auction ends in 30 mins, come get your Girafarigite!

Ok, and @Kyttie wins the auction! Since you were the only person to bid (:expressionless:), I will lower your bid down to 2 stones. PM me on discord or forums when you want to trade.

The traderule includes anything related to trading though.

@ mentioning (@Cheese555 ) someone either on the forum or on discord get’s a notification sent to the mentioned user.

[quote] There shall be no trading over PMs either here or on the forum. This includes offers, fixing a time for trade, and anything else related to trading. Complete your trades in general chat on Discord, or in the comments on the Forum. [/quote]

It’s the first rule.

trades been done and im sure he didnt mean actually PM its just what he said, everything was written either on here or on the discord in public, no pms happened :slight_smile:

“Ping me” (or) “@ mention me” should have been used. Regardless of how he might have meant it, almost anyone reading it would only interpret one way.

And yeah, I saw that the trade happened on discord after I posted the comment(about 20 minutes after the trade).

Oh I misunderstood, I’m sorry. I thought that PM’ing to decide if both people are active was allowed. However, I do see how my post could easily have been made much more clear. I apologize.

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