Game won't open

So, when i start running the game, it automatically crashes and shows up this message:

“incompatible marhsall file format (can’t be read)\n\tformat version 4.8 required; 0.0 given”

Other 3 messages show up saying EOFError, “End of file reached”. And then a last one which says:

Script ‘Pokemon System’ line 115 NoMethodError ocurred. undefined method `screensize’ for " ":String

I already redownloaded the game and it still shows up the same message. Also tried with renaming the backup saves to Game.rxdata, but none of them will work. I’m using windows 10

Problem solved, there was an aditional folder with another 3 backup saves and a game.rxdata. if a moderator sees this, please, close the thread. thanks

what is the folder called?