Game crashes whenever I try to load into it

I can load into the game just fine, but whenever I try to access my save a message pops up that says [EOFError, “End of file reached”, [ArgumentError, “undefined class/module i”, [“Section059:2145:in ‘oldload’”, “Section059:2145:in ‘load’”, “Section114:447:in ‘pbStartLoadScreen’”, “Section114:439:in ‘open’”, “Section114:439:in ‘pbStartLoadScreen’”, “Section114:408:in ‘loop’”, “Section114:621:in ‘pbStartLoadScreen’”, “Section063:106:in ‘closeSplash’”, “Section043:54:in ‘call’”,Section043:54:in ‘trigger’", “Section043:49:in ‘each’”, “Section043:49:in ‘trigger’”, “Section061:692:in ‘update’”, “Section061:586:in ‘main’”, “Section063:140:in ‘main’”, “Section214:53:in ‘mainFunctionDebug’”, “Section214:33:in ‘mainFunction’”, “Section214:63”, “Section214:62:in ‘loop’”, “Section214:71”]]

After clicking “ok” a couple times the message "Script ‘ChallengeChampionship’ line 1796: TypeError occured.
Cannot convert Array into String.