Future plans/new deltas?

Hi everyone! Just wondering - are there any future plans for new deltas (as of May 2020)?

Bug and Psychic are 2 of my favorite types, and they only have 3 and 5 deltas respectively…just wondering if this is something that is possibly still coming in the future or not. I’ve read around here on the forums and seen some Delta suggestion/idea threads, but also read that the game is on a feature lock for the time being.

Thanks in advance for anyone who has some answers!

sadly there are not any plans for more deltas:

this has been confirmed by the mods/devs on the discord server

That’s so sad! Do you know if the Feature Lock is supposed to be permanent?

it is yes. sorry mate

you still have about 200-300 deltas to chose from anywyas, but if you’d like to make suggestions/come up w ideas you can post em in holon uni on forums here :))