FT: Shiny Zweilous

Trading Name: stances

Offer: Shiny Zweilous x4 all adamant nature. have had crap luck trying to catch a shiny tyrunt and have cought more zweilous like every other time i try to catch a shiny in my friend safari… http://imgur.com/a/UD3HR

Request: Shiny pokemon. If you have a shellder or aron evolution line would be great dosn’t have to be these can be any shiny.

Further info: 1 left has perfect speed and Def ivs

Wow how’d you get so many shiny mons? Hours and hours of going through grass? I have a shiny geodude lol.

Alot where from trading pokemon that i had breed eggmoves on or trading shiny pokemon for other shinys. Also yes lots of time in friend safari trying to get a specific shiny and running into everything but it.



Hey can i trade any thing else for a shiny i need one

Just caught a shiny Jolly Tyrunt while hunting for Shelgon. Go ahead and @ mention me in Discord if you’re interested in making the trade.

will do next time i notice we are both online

also sorry not really looking for anything other then shinys




instead of a shiny can give u a delta bulbasaur?

this was over a year ago and I don’t have any for trade anymore and non shiny deltas are not worth a shiny. Can go over to my shiny hunting post and if you have IV stones could enter raffle for a shiny hunt

also can i get this thread closed? cant edit it

Sure Stances.