FT: Adamant/Jolly/Bold Synchronizers

If you weren’t aware, if you encounter a wild Pokemon with the first Pokemon in your party having the ability Synchronize, then the wild Pokemon will always have the same ability as the Synchronizer. In the regular games it’s a 50% chance but from experience I think it’s 100% in Insurgence.

Trading Name: boshua

Offer: I have an Adamant Synchronizer, a Jolly Synchronizer, and a Bold Synchronizer. You don’t have to take all 3 at once, you can take whichever of them you like.

Request: I’m looking just for IV stones. Give me your best offers.

Further info: I won’t be on for too much longer so we’ll probably have to coordinate a time based on our timezones and such.

IV Stones for synchro mons? Wew lad if I’d done that I probably should have like 50 iv stones by now

Well, it can take upwards of an hour of monotonous wild encounters to get the exact Synchro you want, so I figure there’s somebody out there willing to do that trade.

Took me 30 minutes to hunt every nature I wanted (i.e. Adamant, Modest, Jolly, Timid, Bold, Careful, Calm, Impish) so idk

Once you have them it’s super easy to make more. They definitely are not worth an IV Stone.

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