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Frontier Brain Fushigina

Character Name:Fushigina

Character Description:Fushigina is a japanese man who works as a magician,he is cold,talks to himself in a monotone voice and doesn’t care about anyone but his passion of his acting for pokemon and humans alike,he wears magician clothes like any other people would but his cape being transformed into dark wings with a layer on the inside being red,he wears a white mask which has a plain black question mark on it,people said to have seen his real appearance which consisted of black short hair,white skin and crimson red eyes,he is always seen holding a black cane which was said to hold pokeballs inside and shoot them out in battle. when the player wins Fushigina thanks the player for showing him something

Pokémon on Team:

Delta Metagross(ruin)-stealth rock,wood hammer,pursuit,diamond storm,ability sturdy and item leftovers. Delta Frosslass(mega)-fiery dance,energy ball,earth power,shadow ball.competitive before mega Delta Torterra-earthquake,waterfall,avalanche,recover,ability water absorb and item leftovers

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.):Battle Arena

please say if there’s anything i need to change :slight_smile:

neat entry!