Friend safari name

for those who have combusken,togetic ,sneasel,frogadier,pupitar in your friend safari , can I have your friend safari name? I tried to go in the base of the people here but the pokemon that I see in their bases is different .

How many badges do you have?


All of the pokemon you are looking for are either slot 2 or 3, and to be able to catch/see them in friend safaris you need to get the 6th badge (for slot 2) and beat the elite 4 (for slot 3)

ow thanks,hey want to trade for my D.Scyther?lvl 56 for jolly sneasel

If you want a jolly sneasel I can look for one rn, it will take like 2 minutes, but I don’t need the d.scyther. You can trade me something trash that you don’t want :slight_smile:

Okay, I caught two, one with pickpocket and one with inner focus. Which one do you want?

the one with inner focus

Okay, sorry didn’t see that you answered. If you still want/need it I am available for another 3 hours

hey dude are you online?


do you still have the jolly sneasel?

Yep! Gimme a sec and I will log in, my trade name is telgbro

my trade name is Ru what do you want in return?

I don’t really need anything, just give me whatever trash pokemon you got

ok I’m ready


np np