Friend Safari Connection Crashing

Every time I try to connect to the internet it crashes as soon as I enter.Anybody have any ideas on how to fix it?

  1. Do you use Windows or Mac?

  2. Are you fully updated to

  3. Do you have a firewall?

Windows,Yes,and I don’t know how do I check.

You’d probably know if you have one installed.

Does it instantly crash when you try to log in, or does it attempt to connect for a bit, then say something?

It crashes when it says Connect to server…(Press C)

Does it say something along the lines of…

The script is taking too long


No it just says the thing as soon as you walk in and it just makes my mouse circle then it says RGSSAD has stopped working.

Hm… have you tried redownloading the game?

Is there a way to back up my progress before I re download it.

Actually, because you are on windows, it automatically backs up

Sorry for me running off :sweat_smile:

Ok but how would I retrieve it I am not very good with computers.

The save files will still be there on the new version. No need to extract or move anything

So do I delete the file or just download the game again.

Just download the game again

Ok then do I just paste the files inside.

The patch,core or both.

Just download the core and play it…

ok thank you

Did it work?

Yes thank you for helping.