Foreign Ditto (Completed)

Trading Name: Ravenous Crow

Offer: 1 Shiny Pokemon (Charmander, Pupitar, Lairon)

Request: Foreign Ditto

Further info: Trying to do masuda method. I live in US.

If you are still looking for one, maybe I can trade you one. I live in India, will it work?

Do you have a delta ditto? If so then that can work, also which shiny would you like?

Umm… I can give you a regular ditto but not a delta one(since only one can be caught and I need it). If you are fine with a regular ditto, I can trade for a shiny charmander

I already have a normal foreign ditto, sorry. Looking for a delta ditto now.

Hmm…what about this? You trade me your delta ditto and I trade you mine so that we both have foreign delta dittos?

I live in romania, if you want to trade dittos i’m down

(this trade has been completed btw)

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