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For the Insurgence staff, regarding function code

I know this question doesn’t really fit anywhere on here but I’d thought I’d ask anyway to get some advice. Some time ago when I was playing Insurgence, I remember one of my pokemon having a move called Marsforce? Or something like that, I can’t quite remember at the moment. What I do remember however is that besides it being a high powered special move, it also inflicted a small amount of damage to all the party members on the opponents side, even when their not on the field. With that said, I was wondering If you could give me advice on how to make said function code for a similar attack? That would be quite challenging for a boss battle.

Normally I’d ask elsewhere but I generally aren’t really thrown in any meaningful direction that really helps.

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I mean will the function move code file which stores all the function codes will help?

Well If it’s the function code itself which is stored within Insurgence’s script editor under move effects than sure.

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