For Sale: Dream Mist (lots of it) and other stuff

Trading Name: nated

Offer: anywhere from 1-30 dream mists, depending what you offer me. I can also throw in comet shards which sell for 60k if you want, and ive got some nice deltas too, most notably axew and larvesta

Request: things id find interesting. most notably shinies, maybe IV stones, and certain IV and nature trained deltas. not many, as i already bred a lot of those myself

Further info:

What does dream mist do?

Give it to the dream guru to give a Pokémon its hidden ability.

tbh a shiny isnt worth a dream mist, also it takes 3 IV stone to make one so any more then 3 is already a rip off

I didnt say I wanted more than 3 IV stones. Also while I agree with you, someone else may think its worth a shiny. TBH nothing is really worth a shiny any more unless you dont want it

I have a mystery gift shiny spiritomb laying around. Do you want it? I would like dream mist for it. Also do i have to complete the story before i use it or can i use it now itself( i am in 6th gym)?

You need hiking boots (post-game item) to access Gaea town where the dream guru is located.

depends how many you want. I’ll start off with 5, which is a lowball offer. Feel free to raise it somewhat.

Yes, Dream Mist is post e4. I could change an ability for you if you temporarily traded something to me.

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