First Pokémon in list not following

Hello, I’m in the Settlement Oscar in the Holon Region at the time of this bug. As title suggests, my first 'mon in list has stopped following me. Tried several maneuvres:

  • switching back and forth with another one
  • switching back and forth with just an egg left in the party
  • fainting some on purpose
  • fainting my entire team
  • restarting the game
  • O and P buttons do nothing

Anyone who can help? Thanks in advance.

The first pokemon is fainted/dead(If you are in a NuzLocke)

Some pokemon, such as armored pokemon, do not have follow sprites.

That is not the case, my first pokémon is obviously not fainted nor do I own any armored one, my team is made out of very common 'mons except for my starter Delta Charizard, and they’ve all been following me just fine until that event. I’m in a vanilla hard mode playthrough. If there’s anything else I should add, please let me know, thanks for helping.

So, I got back in Suntouched City, and even though the first time it didn’t happen, somehow the game force-healed my team as soon as I stepped into the Pokémon Center. That means my trouble are now gone and you can freely close this topic, thanks again for trying. :smiley: