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First E4 run, hope to get an opinion on my team

I’m going to be running Blaziken with Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Earthquake and Flamethrower, Delta Girafarig with Toxic Spikes, Sludge bomb, Iron Head and another poison move, Electivire with T-Bolt, T-Punch, EQ and Low Kick, Mew with Calm Mind, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam and T-Bolt or Ice Beam, Giratina with Aura Sphere, Shadow Claw, EQ and Dragon Pulse and of course, my Delta Charizard w/ Mega Stone with Dark Matter, Shadow Sneak or Shadow Claw, Lunar Cannon and Outrage.

My entire team will be Lvl 95-100, to try and match my Mew. I’ve considered bringing my Delta Scizor but he’s only got Fighting and Ice moves. Any input on what people think would be great.

So, first of all, stick with a pokemon’s second attack stat. Now, on to moveset suggestions. For Blaziken, swap out Flamethrower for Bulk Up, Hone Claws, or Swords Dance, whichever you prefer. Delta Girafarig, swap out Iron Head for Flash Cannon, and instead of another poison-type move, maybe run Dark Pulse or Thunderbolt. Electivire, swap Thunderbolt for Fire Punch or Ice Punch. Mew is fine, I’d suggest Thunderbolt over Ice Beam. Giritina, if it has a nature boosting special attack or lowering physical attack, run Shadow Ball over Shadow Claw and Earth Power over Earthquake. If Giritina has a nature that boosts physical attack or lowers special attack, swap Aura Sphere for a physical move, doesn’t have to be a fighting type move, and swap Dragon Pulse for Dragon Claw. If it’s nature is neutral or doesn’t affect either of its attacking stats, keep the current moveset. For Delta Charizard, swap Dark Matter for Dark Pulse or Flamethrower, your ghost type move should be Shadow Ball, swap Lunar Cannon for Sludge Bomb or Flamethrower, and swap Outrage for Dragon Pulse. Also, if you have an ability capsule, swap Delta Scizor’s ability to Scrappy, then he’s be able to hit ghost types with normal/fighting type moves. This is just my opinion, also, high five fellow Delta Charizard user!

Giratina has Pressure, I’ll check if the ability capsule will let me swap it to something a bit more useful. I’ve been trying to gather all the TMs and megastones and stuff available before you get past E4 and get Hiking Boots or the Waterfall item or, god I wish I had this, relic song.

I’ll go try that idea of yours out, it can’t be worse then what I had happen earlier. 5 attempts, 5 sweeps of my various teams. The one time I got 3/4 of the way, I ran out of revive herbs. XD

Giratina only has Pressure, it doesn’t have a hidden ability either

Did it! Giratina turned out to be a bit of a mistake and maybe I didn’t need Delta Girafarig but T-Spikes did help, so shrug but Delta Axew on the other hand? Poison Fang, Swords Dance, Crunch and Aqua Tail with Strong Jaw. 15 levels lower and he swept the one E4 member solo.

Reukra was the real problem, until I realized that I could oneshot his Tyranitar and then just calm mind / x-item Mew to God status. Thanks for all the help!

Thanks, can you trade me the pokemon of yours that can oneshot Reukra’s T-Tar? That’s one of my two problems…even though my two problems are the only two of his team that I’ve ever gone against xD

Honestly, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I just got my Electivire to lvl 105 and with his like 340~ attack stat and low kick, the T-Tar just melts. Could probably do it with D-Scizor and something like Drain Punch, too. (That’s become my favorite combo for him, Ice Punch for stab and freeze then Drain Punch for sustain) I’d offer to trade but it’s kinda my third strongest mon right now, sorry. :frowning: