Finally done breeding my team!

Expose my weaknesses please! They’re mostly just mons I like a lot, but I’d still like to beat 1.2 when it comes out so If necessary i’ll swap around. All pokemons have perfect IVs and are EV trained:

Timid Gengar @ Gengarite(Levitate): Focus blast, Shadow ball, Substitute and Venoshock(if someone knows how to get sludge bomb, please tell me) Adamant Excadrill @ Air balloon(Sand rush): Earthquake, Rapid spin, Metal claw(if someone knows how to get Iron head, please tell me) and Swords dance Adamant Blaziken @ Life orb(Speed boost): High jump kick, Flare blitz, Protect and Bulk up Timid Greninja @ Life orb(Protean): Ice beam, Grass knot, Extrasensory and Scald Adamant Tyranitar @ Tyranitar armor(Sand stream): Stealth rock, Dragon dance, Crunch and Stone edge Timid Gardevoir @ Leftovers(Trace): Moonblast, Substitute, Psychic and Calm mind

Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

Your team looks kind of good,

For gengar you want sludge bomb you need to wait till insurgence 1.2 comes out then you can get tm and teach it.

For Excadrill there is only chance if the insurgence 1.2 introduces the move tutor for Iron head or there is no other way.

My comments: You should get tyranitarite for tyranitar I know armor is good but still this will be one of your mega evolving Pokemon in team

Leftovers are’t gonna help you with gardevoir I will say in next update get mega stone for it and then use armored tyranitar.

You don’t have any thing against water type so anyone with water type will probably sweep your team

Fighting is a huge problem here. 4 of your team members are weak to Fighting. Neither Gardevoir or Gengar can take physical hits, even coverage moves without STAB. Another 4 of your team members are weak to Ground (although Excadrill is immune until its balloon pops). Greninja has the speed and coverage to take these on, but it gets worn down from having to switch in too many times. Your team also loses against Pokemon it can’t outspeed, like scarfed Infernape.

I think Slowbro would be a good addition for its ability to take on Fighting and Ground types. Most of its weaknesses are already checked by your team (Excadrill -> Electric, Gengar and Blaziken -> Grass, Tyranitar and Blaziken -> Bug).

You can get get sludge bomb on Gengar by breeding a Gastly with a Muk.

Source: I just did it.

I think use the custom steel type move for now on excadrill, at any rate it is better than metal claw

Thanks guys, awesome stuff, I’ll work on it!

I’ve been trying to get a good slowbro, can’t really settle on a set though… Is there a way to get twave on slowbro or should I just wait for 1.2

Breed slowpoke with ampharos

TM is in game

oh wow… I totally looked over the TM… thanks

My Slowking has got slack off, scald, psychic, and nasty plot, and i love it