Female sentret/furret with frisk

Trading Name: Biscuit Boi 101

Offer: Kabutops

Request: Female sentret/furret with frisk

I also can offer something else if you guys think a Kabutops isn’t a fair trade, just tell me in a reply

you can catch sentret in the GetLost friend safari and you can get HA there if you want to catch one yourself or if you want i can catch one.

I’m sorry, but I would prefer it if you caught one and then we traded, because my luck is absolutely terrible ;(. I hope I don’t take up too much of your time.

ok well will have to wait for server to come back up probably later today so if you around when it dose we can trade then or might be tommarow or so fir it to be back up

uh sure! what time are you normally available?

whenever normaly if you just hop on the discord i will be on there if i am on can just @stances if you see me on. will be listed a little bit down in regular section of who is online

have one now you just need to join discord and actually respond to them in general so they wont kick you from it for not saying anything