Female delta dieno for a delta pokemon

Trading Name: nutuse

Offer: female delta dieno

Request:any legendary

Further info:delta hast to be level 90 or higher

you have pics?

a um how do I tacke a pick of my deino

I have a Mac book air

bold nature

and its color is purple and what I’m guessing is gold

print screen or snpping tool if you’re on windows

ok then what nature is the delta deino?\

also what color is the shiny


purple and I’m guessing golden from the looks of it its also looks like a cobra

sorry I took so long I had to get somthing done and got side tracked

imagelike this?

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yes thats it

dude that’s not shiny, it has different color on gender, people need to learn to look for the star status to tell if it’s shiny

oh sorry

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