EXP multiplicator option

We already have a choise between vanilla Pokemon and delta Pokemon; The choise between normal and dark story; The choise between easy, normal and hard difficulty and the option to do some crazy challenge runs.

It would be verry nice, if we had a option to change the rate of EXP gain via a multiplicator (I would suggest a range from x0.25 to x2, maybe in .25 steps) My reason for that would be the following: I don’t have a problem with beating the story from a standpoint of tactic. The reason why I lose most of the time is, because A: my team is pretty much dead before any major fights or B: My team simply is to low lv. Beating the first gym with lv. 19 and 20 Pokemon was hard but possible. But the third gym with lv 40 Pokemon is just to hard. So basicly I want to be able to just make the grind shorter, without making the game easyer.

Some peoply would (maybe) also prefer a longer grind, because of that, you could add the multiplicators wich are lower than x1.

And, before I end this, I just want to appolgize for my spelling and my gramma, my English is pretty bad because its not my main language.

With that: peace

The Audino trainer makes level training very easy already.

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