EV training

Trading Name: MeowCat

Offer: I will EV train however many pokemon you want

Request: Depends on how many pokemon, I accept IV stones, shinies, and maybe bred pokemon

Further info: I am also giving 6IV adamant larvitars and 6IV protean froakies with Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Toxic Spikes, and substitute for 1 IV stone. They might be 5IV but the low IV will be in the area that doesn’t matter (Sp.Atk for larvitar, Atk for froakie)

my 6 iv stones for 5 ev trained pokemon okay?

Sure! trading name? Give me 3 stones in advance, 3 stones after its done. Mine is MeowCat.

it is necessary to spend 3 iv stones now?

yes, just to make sure you will pay me I am busy right now and will be on in like 15 min again ok?

ok I hope you let me know

Ok sorry about that Im back Tell me when ready

How do we do it?

Well, you trade me all 5 pokemon and tel me what evs you need, and I will give them the evs. Then I will trade them back

You give 3 pokemon IV stones to hold and I will take them. Then when I am done you will give me the last 3 when we trade back

ok when you’re ready

??? now?

Ok sorry, Im a little busy but are you on now?

yes yes :smiley:

Trade name? Mine is MeowCat

1-Kangaskhan if cheerful ev max is possible in ATK and speed 2- Golduck if modest ev max possible in ATK and speed esp 3-hypno if modest in ev max atk and def is possible esp esp 4-Simisear if possible ev max atk shy esp and speed 5-Leavanny if firm ev max is possible in ATK and speed

es posible?

It is nasho0te

Yes, Mine is MeowCat tell me when yiu are ready

I’m ready

Ok go in 5 seconds