Errors Everywhere!

Hey guys i wasnt really sure where i´m supposed to place my report since its not rly a bug.

Me and also my friend with completly different connections get a ton of errors while doing online interactions.

Like for real online interactions are dangerous for us. We once traded and one of the pokemons cloned the other one disappeared.

However most of the times we just get errors like this one

This happens 100% of the times i try to use the online features of my secret base.

When we try to battle each other we get that kind of error after a few turns.

Wondertrading works half of the time and Trading in general can be tricky but works most of the time.

So since very few people seem to experience the same problems i´ve come to the conclusion, the reason could be that we are from germany and your servers are probably in america but that wouldnt explain it all.

So can someone help us with any suggests or something ?

would highly appreciate it, besides these errors we fell completly in love with Insurgence !

Thanks in advance,

Sir DvD

A lot of the online features are buggy. Trading is mostly fine as long as you save first. Secret Base online features and online battling are all broken. Wonder Trade is buggy and people rarely ever use it. There aren’t any fixes besides waiting for a patch.

Damn i thought the Secret Base features are really cool, unlucky.

However thanks a lot for the reply Sir.