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Error When Attempting to Install MacOS

I’m on MacOS Mojave 10.14.16, and I’m trying to download Pokemon Insurgence. I followed the directions in the download guide and I got an error while trying the actual download itself (after already fixing the error of me not being an admin) stating the following:

Error: Failure while executing; /usr/bin/sudo -E -- /usr/bin/env *Logname, User, Username* /usr/sbin/installer -pkg /usr/local/Caskroom/wine-stable/5.0/winehq-stable-5.0.pkg -target / -applyChoiceChangesXML /private/tmp/choices20210909-4589-ntfm3r.xml exited with 1. Here’s the output:
installer: Package name is Wine Stable
installer: Certificate used to sign package is not trusted. Use -allowUntrusted to override.

Any and all help would be appreciated, as I am very much looking forward to playing this game.

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