Elite Four

Is the Elite Four supposed to be this difficult?
I’m struggling to beat just a single one of them because she keeps spamming spore.
Are they also supposed to be at the same level as I or is that a bug?

The Elite Four’s levels match your highest level, so that’s not a bug. And yeah, they’re difficult, but definitely beatable, I’ve seen some wacky comps being able to defeat them before

The level thing is a feature to prevent the player from overlevelling and steamrolling the E4. If you’re having a lot of difficulty with Kayla and really can’t get past her, then I’d recommend you look at the weakpoints of the move Spore. For example, it doesn’t work on Grass types, Smeargle can’t use it if you use Taunt, it also won’t have any effect if you use Substitute. Nothing in the game is unbeatable, just have to problem solve.

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