Elite Four Randomized Nuzlocke Issue?

I just played through the entire game with the Nuzlocke and Randomizer settings checked for the game. I set the difficulty to Easy to give myself some help during the boss fights but mainly for using Shift in the Elite Four.

Once I got to the Elite Four, though, the experience was underwhelming. I grinded all of my pokemon up to level 97 to fit my highest level, and all of the Elite Four used pokemon between levels 88-91, despite the fact that those levels should have matched my highest (all being 97). Not only this, but during my first fight, none of the opponent’s pokemon even used a move. There were at least three that weren’t OHKO’d and items like leftovers activated on their pokemon fine, but none of them used any moves against me. I switched to Normal difficulty for the rest of the Elite Four, and they did use moves after that, but the levels didn’t increase with my pokemon.

Am I wrong to assume that none of this is intended behavior? The entire Nuzlocke run was really challenging up until that point, and as the final challenge before beating the game, it seemed very underwhelming.

On a secondary note, is there any way for the game to know you’ve won the Nuzlocke challenge, or will it last forever until I lose all my pokemon in a battle?

The E4 definitely has some bugs when in tandem with challenge runs, you can report it to the bug tracker, and it should be fixed in the next patch.

For your second question, I have no idea, I haven’t played a nuzlocke run yet. :sad:

when i played my Randomizer run the first elite 4 member didn’t use moves ether same with my friend