Elite 4 strategy

Does somebody know if healing and hp restoring objects will be allowed when you face the Elite 4?

Most likely…they are available during the elite four in every game including omricon and zeta. It is likely that they will have competitive teams though.

We know the following:

  • The elite four members will have competitive teams
  • When battling the elite four our battle style must be “set” (no switching when you faint a pokemon, also you don’t know what they are about to send in)
  • The elite four members are named: London, Yuki, Kayla, and Eduard
  • London will have a trick room team, based on his book “Trick Room for Dummies” found in Utira Library
  • Kayla will have a baton pass team, based on the title of her book “Guide to Baton Pass” found in Utira Library
  • Eduard will have a sandstorm team, based on another book in the Library, and also probably the reason why his name is an anagram of DARUDE (darude - sandstorm)
  • Yuki will have a hail team, based on another book in the Library

You will only be allowed to use healing items outside of the elite four battles if u set your mode to hard, but for normal and easy u will be able to use healing items in battles and outside

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