Elite 4 Save Glitch?

I’ve been playing through Insurgence recently, using a file I downloaded about a year ago, so I believe that it’s version 1.20 (that’s what my files say)? Anyway, I reached the elite four, and encountered a save failed message when I was trying to enter.

I can only think of two reasons this might’ve happened, with the first reason being that I just got unlucky and encountered something that’s uncommon, but just happens sometimes. The other possibility might be due to something I did. When I first got to the elite four, I just kind of rushed in without thinking, and right after the mandatory save to enter the elite four, I closed the game, thinking I might not be locked in yet, and might be able to grab items and train a bit more. After this, the game ran fine until I tried to reenter the elite four, at which point I got the failed save message.

I’m not sure if this is a bug that’s repeatable or not, and I’m certainly not going to try doing that again if I chose to play through again. Additionally, I wanted to ask if there’s any way of getting my save back. I don’t think I had autosave on, so I’m guessing that’s a no (and the Common Tech Support Questions thread seems to suggest that as well), but I figure I should check if there’s something I’ve overlooked. I’m on mac if that matters. Honestly, my computer has also been acting weird for a while too, so I might try rebooting. I don’t think that’ll fix thinks, but I’ve seen weirder things happen.

As a final note, I just want to thank the devs for making this game. Y’all have done some great work on this, and I’ve certainly had a good time with it. Hell, the fact that I’m considering replaying the entire game for those final couple battles and the postgame shows how much I’ve enjoyed this.

Can you screenshot the error message, if there is one?

The only message I got was “save failed” when I tried to save. After quitting and restarting, my save’s been erased, so I can’t get a screenshot of the message. Basically, I tried to save before entering the pokemon league, and the guy you talk to to enter tried to save, then I got “Save failed.” in his textbox. After that, the game just acted like I’d chosen not to save. I tried doing the same thing, and got the same results, so I tried closing out of the game, and now the save is gone.

You should press the V button to quicksave, that may work.