Elite 4 Help!

Hi I need serious help to defeat the elite 4 I got through 3 of them but then restarted and I had to go through everything but then I just lost on the first battle, What I really struggle is with Kayla, her Blaziken is so annoying, and her Smeargle, please help me.

My team is currently consisting of Greninja, Mega Typhlosion, Delta Bisharp, Delta Charizard, Giratina

Get a 6th mon that cant be asleep or put a wake up berry in a mon with a priority move, so you can 2shot the smeargle without getting asleep. Then proceed to sweep the rest of her non stat boosted team.

use a delta drifblim for the smeargle, it has the ability vital spirit which makes it so it cant fall asleep

Guys I have changed my team it now has:

Delta Haxorus - Ice Fang, Draco Jet, Aqua Tail, Swords Dance - Item not decided Delta Snorlax - Toxic, Synthesis, Razor Leaf, Earthquake - Leftovers Typhlosion - Tackle ( Gotta change that later ), Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Earthquake - Typhlosionite Delta Bisharp - Cross Chop, Drain Punch, Blaze Kick, Acrobatics - Expert Belt Thunderus - Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Fly( for flying instead of using the taxi guy ) Thunderbolt - Item not decided Delta Charizard - Flamethrower, Frost Breath, Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse - Item not decided

I need recommendations for items, and movesets

srry for the organization

I need recommendations for items, movesets and pokemon

I could potentially use chesto berry on delta haxorus because I can use draco jet, and when haxorus falls asleep I can wake up and use draco jet again

I replace tackle with thunderpunch

Guys help what should I do my pokemon are too high of a level for the league pls help