Elite 4 + Champion Problem

I dunno if it’s a bug or not…But the Elite 4 + the Champion is the same lvl as my highest pokemon lvl which is Level 98…I dunno what to do about this!!! I keep reloading my save file which is the Champion room and my Team just got KO’D by the Champion’s SHADOW MEWTWO AND TYRANITAR which im pretty frustrated that i felt the need to throw my laptop out of my house…If any of you guys have tips on defeating the champion,that would be really helpful because i can’t TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! (Oh btw a question: Does a Lapras learned Sheer Cold??Cuz ive been thinking to lvl up my Lapras to LVL 85 if it is…)

well according to the wiki The Elite Four can be faced again at higher levels after the player has subjugated Arceus at the Throne of the Hegemon. Beyond this, the procedure for challenging the League is the same aside from the player experiencing a new Champion battle. have you done this ?

or maybe it’s set idk

The Elite 4 scales to the level of the party member with the highest level to prevent you from cheesing it with overlevelling. That being said, you can still use X-Items to easily beat them if you’re not on Hard mode. Those can be bought at Narra Town.

I din’t know this…i was doing this on easy mode…Welp time to level up new pokemon i guess…