I have just started an egglocke and so far have a Delta Petilil and a Bronzor. I will keep bronzor for bulk even though it will be a pain to train but not sure on Delta Petilil.

You can get the stone to evolve it in midna town(fire stone) and it’s typing is decent so it’s at least worth keeping around.

Since then I have everyone up to lv 25ish. I also have a numel, combuskin and a tryant. I’m not to sure on weather to keep numel over combuskin, plus I also have fire covered with starter. Any sugestions.

I would recommend taking at least one of them for offensive diversity, they’re both pretty good mixed attackers but numel has a little more bulk and cumbusken is faster, souse whichever fits your team better

Well already have bulk from bronzor once I have evolved it.