Effectiveness Glitch

I’d like to report a glitch in what I am certain is the latest version, 1.2.3 Core.

I’m grinding on route 8 and had what I’m certain is an illegitimate experience with a wild Kangaskhan yesterday.

It used Dizzy Punch and Mega Punch, two Normal moves on my Delta Charizard which is half Ghost and both landed when they should have been ineffective.

Then just a few minutes ago, another wild Kangaskahn used Dizzy Punch and this time it had the ineffective result it’s supposed to.

It’s possible considering the latter that this was a fluke as so far this is the only time I’ve had this experience but thought it worth mentioning just the same.

The Kangaskhan might have had Scrappy. It’s an ability that lets normal and fighting type moves hit ghost types.

Ah, alright. I did not realize Kangaskhan could have that ability.