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E4 system is kind of BS


This whole system seems rigged against the player. Have a team of 70-80 level pokemon, the E4 always has something higher and magically does more damage. Have a weak team, and they stay in the 80 range.

How exactly are we supposed to beat the E4 when we level up our pokemon only to have the E4 then raise their levels in order to crush us?


After a certain point, the E4 can only be as high level as the player. Battles are still very much in the player’s favor.


What do you mean? Is the answer just maxing out levels?


The E4 levels are their minimum (around 90) or your highest level, whatever one is higher.


Yes what @A_Wild_Noob_Appeared said. It only matters what your highest pokemon’s level is. If it’s this is you pokemon teams levels.
90 93
89 85
100 96
It would go to the highest level into your party. In this case lvl. 100s. If you have something lower then a certain level they are around lv. 85ish.