E4 Rematch time!

I don’t have the exact list of moves and abilities atm but here’s roughly what I’m planning to take in with me. All Levels are 100-110

Mewtwo w/ Mewtwo Armor, Kyogre w/ Blue Orb, Groudon w/ Red Orb, Regirock w/ Crystal, Mew w/Leftovers and Giratina w/Crystal.

I think my type coverage, especially with tms, should be enough and I figured Legendaries would be fun. I’ll let you guys know how it went tomorrow, as well as bring an updated list of things.

I am interested to hear how that goes too, I am really hoping you stomp them, since I am playing this game blind and just trying to putz through it with a frosslass, eevee and lucario…that was kinda going to be my team for the whole game, but its starting to look really unfeasible if you’re talking like that.

you should be able to destroy them with that kind of team. Good luck