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E4 delta only help

Trading Name: IndianAnimator

Offer: some mons

Request: modest/timid d bulbasaur, adamant d snorlax,careful spidergross,jolly Dscyther

Further info:ik it’s a big request lol sorry

i have only a naive spidergroos

Why timid on Delta bulba? It’s not rly that fast, modest or bold are usually the better natures for it


Timid is the best Nature for D. Venu to maximize it’s speed, it doesn’t need more SpA.

It’s not rly the best nature for it, it’s good, but not the best imo

good for competitive like E4

speed > power

I’m just saying, it doesnt have the best speed stat. It’s quite low if ud ask me , or, in other words, average

well, considering how it is you can use both modest and timid, depending on the set

if you were to use say a calm mind set, you’d use modest, if you want something like a tank you use modest

if you use something like a specs set modest and timid can work

a scarf set timid is more useful (although I wouldn’t use scarf)

it’s really just down to personal preference

bold is also an option
Probably for defensive sets? never understood why it was good for it

btw there is another topic for this i made lol

no faint E4…but only deltas pls help me

bold could be used for a leech seed set or smth but other than that I’m not sure

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Oh and yeah
this post is getting rly off topic so I’ll shut up

i wanted a sweeping set lol

Timid is better for sweeping mega, which is what it’s for.

soooo anyone want to trade?

or randomly chat about the nature for my MD Venusaur

Modest or bold