Dumbest Question Ever

Where is No Mans Land? So I’ve talked to Orion. Then I looked for Taen at the Black Market/Perfection Base. Reukra told others to make a gluten-free vegan homeless shelter for all he cares. I fought a Zygarde Enviormentalist dude. And then I believe the dude(Gail,thats the name?) mentioned No Mans Land. But,where is it? Is it in the Holon Region somewhere,because when I collected the last scroll for Meloetta,I just rushed back to Torren

Go to the cave next to the gym in Gaea Town.

The Zygarde environmentalist dude gives you the Hiking Boots (rock climb) so go left in Helios City until you reach a staircase and water. Surf up until you reach a small platform with a rock climb point. From their, keep heading up until you reach Gaea Town. Find the gym; to the right you’ll see a small cave. In that cave is a Hyperspace Hole point to interact with. This point brings you to No Man’s Lands. :slight_smile:

facepalms I knew I didnt explore that town thoroughly. And after plot and Hidden Ability change,I totally forgot.


Thanks,when I arrived first at Gaea Town,the first thing I wanted was to find either the Dream Guru or find the Augurs Gym. I found the Guru and well…forgot there was a gym,it was nighttime in game and I guess I missed it xD