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Dream Mists Or IV stones[Only 34]

Trading Name: Ashwin123

Offer: Dream mists or IV stones with pokemon of choice

Request: IDK

Further info:Gimme trashmons for any mon It will be with your order.

What are you looking for? Or doesn’t it matter?

Juust provide me the ID and what u want like dream mist or IV stones And u will have it in secret base gifts :smiley:

could i get 2 dream mists? user is protectscroll

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yup will be there by a couple mins

Would you mind giving me a dream mist? My ID is the same here TurtleF

Would you mind giving me 3 IV stones? My ingame ID is Hyven. Thanks for everything

Is that ur secret base ID If not provide me that Cuz it ain’t working

There U go enjoy!!

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