Dream Mist

Trading Name: PiaZiaMia

Offer: Ask me below

Request: One Dream Mist is all I want

Further info: kek (I am @GiaPeNiw once again)

get and iv ston and 3 rare candy and "cook " one from the chef in selene

I don’t have that , if I did, I wouldn’t be asking for it.

shiny pokemon for a dream mist

Jolly Shiny Deino

dont mention me when not needed please
The notification is kinda annoying

i can give for Free

OOp I traded that I have nothing

okay…base is PiaZiaMia. or PiaMiaZia. Try both. I switch it up sometimes.

I’ll trade a dream mist for a Shiny Jolly Delta Ditto with 0 IVs in all stats and 20 Shiny Deltas

none worked

I have no shiny luck at all. What makes you think that I have one?

just kidding pft
I’d give ya one for free lol.
Btw, have you uploaded your base Pia?

Now I am getting skeptical…

Oh, forgot to do that lol, one sec…

Uploaded, who ever gives me a dream mist first gets a solution, so on your marks, get set, go!

And it is PiaZiaMia

i gave

bruh not good day for me

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