Dragon ruins freeze

so i beat the pokemon leugue, and im ready to do some post game stuff. i started with the orion quest of returning reshiram to him. everything went fine, until i got to dragon ruins. so zygarde game out beat mewtwo and was about to beat zekrom and the the game just freezes. i accendenly pressed v to save and now im just stuck in this freeze and i cant do anything about it. can somebody please help

The game automatically makes backups for you.

Save file location:

PC: C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence (or whatever appropriate game you’re playing).

If you are on Windows XP and cannot locate the above folder, the folder should just be the folder with your Game.exe and the rest of the files. Mac:

Right click the app, Show Package Contents, Drive_C, Users, (your name), Saved Games, Pokemon Insurgence (or whatever appropriate game you’re playing). In both cases, it is the Game.rxdata file. You should find backup files there. Rename the current Game.rxdata to something else and rename the backup save to Game.rxdata. The first number in the backup file name represents which save slot it is from and the second represents how recent the backup is.

it doesnt work i cant even open the rxdata files. and at save file 2 im just all the way back at telnor town with no pokemons. im litterly just stuck in one position

You don’t open the rxdata files. You just rename Game.rxdata to something else and name the latest backup to Game.rxdata

i dit rename it but it just brought me back to telnor town. i think this happened because i just use quicksave so thats really unfortuned. but thanks for the help anyway

How did you go through the whole game without saving? I think you reloaded the wrong one. Try loading every save to see if there is any that’s close enough. I use quicksave and I’ve reloaded several times with no problems.

i just quicksaved the whole time and just opened the game and my carakter would just pop up on the screen. in that same screen i saw save files 1, 2 and 3. 1 is just where im frozen at dragon ruins, 2 is at telnor town and 3 has nothing. i dont know if there are any other quicksave files i looked everywhere