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Downloading Patches

How can I download the new patches that come out? I’ve been hesitant about trying for a while now, and didn’t want to mess up. Thanks in advance

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I think I’m on 1.2.4. Not sure, if there’s a way to check please tell me

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I think there’s either links to the new patches here in announcements, but downloading the link from the website will give you 1.2.7 so you might wanna try that. I’m bad at this though so idk whether your saved data would work

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If you are on 1.2.4, then you don’t even have to patch. Just delete the game folder and everything in it, and reinstall the 1.2.7 core. The instructions on the website are pretty self explanatory.

Your save is located in a COMPLETELY different place, so you won’t lose your save, and no harm will befall apon it

Ok… kind of scared but I’ll try

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If you need any help, you can always ask me. I’ll try and be online every day.

Thanks. I’ll probably try next Tuesday…