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Doubt with my team

I have a team almost complete

but I don’t now what moves i use for it
and is weak for setup,hazard
what you recomend for my team

My team is:

Wem (Mew) @leftovers
Perfect IV , EV: 255 hp 255 speed
hardy nature
-transform (signature move)

Draken (D.Charizard) @life orb
Ability:spirit call
Perfect IV,EV: 255 sp.attack 255 speed
timid nature
-shadow ball
-sludge bomb
-dragon pulse
-confuse ray

Aidan (D.chandelure) @leftovers
Ability:flash fire
Perfect IV , EV: 4 hp 252 sp.attack 254 speed
modest nature
-lava plume
-earth power

Drapulus (D.avalugg) @smooth rock
Ability:solid rock
Perfect IV , EV: 91hp 255 attack 164 sp.defense
careful nature
-stone edge
-rock wrecker

Eduard (Cacturne) @caturnite
Ability:sand veil
Perfect IV, EV: 3 hp 252 attack 255speed
adamant nature
-needle arm (signature move)
-spiky shield
-feint attack
-sucker punch

edit:i trade some moves and 1 ability
edit2:I will mantain feint attack, just because i uncover that foul play depends of the target’s attack stats more than mine,
so it will be that moveset for my cacturne
(I am a little new in the forum ,but don’t worry about that)

EDIT 3: Now i am in doubt of what mon i add in my team
Delta Magmortar or Delta Dragonite
what is the best for that team?

Half of your team is weak against ice, and two are weak against dark type.

You may want to try to get a D. Avalugg that has Solid Rock. Solid Rock is an ability that reduces damage from supereffective attacks. This can help with your ice weakness. I would recommend you to replace Rock Throw with Rock Wrecker - which is a STAB move that has base 150 power and 90% accuracy.
I also present a strategy. Use Draco Meteor, and then use Outrage afterwards. Draco Meteor lowers your SP. A by x2, and Outrage is a physical attack. If you feel like using Choice Specs to make your SP. A higher when using Draco Meteor, feel free to do so.
You can find Draco Meteor in the Dragon Ruins.