Does someone give a totodile

I just farm 2hours to get it bit he wont spawn i will farm until i get him but if someone can help me thats not a no

Where are you trying to get it exactly? It shouldn’t take anywhere near that long.

Route 2 i think

Are you sure? Is that the one just after Midna Town?

Yeah i juste verify on the wiki he spawn where i farm him

Well, you are really unlucky if that’s the case. I’ll breed one and then message you back once I’m able to trade one to you.

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It will be very generous ty :sob:

Alright, I have it. I also forgot to mention that you should use the recommended format each time you ask or offer something in this forum.

About the Trading category

I also need your online username to trade with you.

My username is toutch and sorry for the format im new

That’s okey. Don’t worry. My IGN is TailsFx, I’ll be sending a request shortly.

Okay im ready

Oh wait, I guess since you are new you don’t really know how requests work.

In order for us to trade we have to send requests to each other at the same time, so log in the Dexnav and sen one to me.

Thx i find it alone :sob: and thx for all bro

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