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Does anyone want to trade shinies

Trading Name: dheer


Request: shinies

Further info: swap the salamence for a stunfisk

typhlo and honedge nature?

the typho is gentle, honedge is jolly


the scrafty is adament thou

not interested, thx. i have a shiny peliper for the honedge

no thx

whats the aegislash’s nature

it is gentle

more oof`

oops… it is lax

what shinies have good natures
my point stands

the salamence is jolly, monferno is adament

i can give a shiny stunfisk holding stunfiskite if you want. made custom sprites for them you could use em too quiet nature so great under trick room

but the non perfect but still god ones are throh is naughty, kingler is lonely, gigalith is lonely, zangoose is naughty, delta char is hasty

have to think about it… what else can you give

i do not really think i will do the stunfisk since it does not have preferred nature

ngl all those natures are subpar. especially kingler which actualy has good defense, lonely is arguably bad for it. mega stunfisk’s spatk is insane, quiet boosts that and decreases speed(it already slow a s a turtle) for trick room. which its on most of the time

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Yeah, Quiet is actually a good Nature for Fisk, along with Modest cuz it’s too slow to run max speed Timid without Webs support.