Do Sonata tracks steps count for egg hatching?

Does anybody know if steps taken within races (aka with a pokemon) contribute to eggs hatching?

I think,NO.

Random fact: once I was racing and the Broadcast Tower boss called me. In the middle of the race. (And apparently time doesn’t happen during the call, because I still got 1st place with 33 seconds on Ice Path.)

What does that have to do with this? Well you see, I think that the Broadcast Tower mission intervals are calculated by step, so if they can call me during a race, you could probably be hatching an egg during a race.

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Why,Why?It doesn’t happen to me​:sob::sob:

Lol I just use the money I get from racing to hatch the egg.

Oh.I forgot about vipik

Steps taken on the Sonata Tracks races don’t count towards hatching eggs.

I just tested it with two magikarps.

1st egg hatched after 45 loops in the afk track i put in my secret base.

2nd egg still took 40+ loops after 10 runs on flower fields.(42+/-2 I lost count of the exact number.)

The 2nd one taking a little less was expected since I carried the egg from Sonata Pkcenter to the tracks and back, but if the steps i ran on Sonata Tracks would have counted then it should at the very least have cut the remaining steps by half or more.

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That’s unfortunate. Thanks!