Do Natures Matter for a Playthrough?

Hi everyone,

I started a randomiser playthrough yesterday (not a nuzlocke) and I caught a Delta Beldum (Spider) in Midna Mine which I’m really happy about but it has an attack lowering nature which isn’t ideal. I love Delta Metagross and I’d love to have it on the team but I don’t know if having a bad nature will cripple it too much. I know about the Pokepon and I’ll use it when I get to it but Sonata City isn’t for a while yet, so early on will having a bad nature cripple it too much to be worth using?

Natures shouldn’t be too noticeable unless you’re playing on hard. I believe they only make a 10%~ difference in 2 stats, so it shouldn’t be too detrimental.

Fortunately I’m playing on normal at the moment. It hasn’t been too detrimental so far which is nice. Thanks for the response!

there is always that one machine on sonata town that might change it.