Ditto required for Masuda Breeding method

Trading Name: Ace

Offer: Milotic

Request: A ditto from a different country (than Asutralia+NZ)

Further info:
Heyo! Just looking for a ditto for masuda breeding thanks!

Do you want a specific nature?

nah, it just needs to come from somewhere other than NZ/Aussie

k, in exchange do you have a ditto from there? I’m also looking for a masuda ditto lol. if not its okay

oh yeah, i can run and get 1

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Got 1, ready

k my trading name is jerewryy

i dunno, i might come up as UrDragonWUBRG4
is my trading name the one i use to sign in in-game?

yeah its the same one iirc

ah, ok

request sent

can you send another one? it didn’t work for some reason

yup, got it

ok, new one sent

thanks, and btw, where this ditto came from?

its from usa, does that work?

Just an fyi, it doesn’t matter what country u live, what matters is your computer language, if u both have the same computer language, the dittos u exchanged won’t be eligible for masuda

please say sike

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